What It Means To Be A McGuire Client

At McGuire Financial our clients experience begins with a Values Based conversation. This experience is a step-by-step road map that focuses on you and what you value the most. It will provide you with a new perspective and give you clarity on what you think of as your assets. More importantly you will discover amazing strategies for making a meaningful transformation in your core values, experience and financial assets. You will gain a greater insight and clarity as to how your current position impacts your future vision. At McGuire Financial we see each of our clients assets as much more than just material items. By taking the focus well beyond the financial assets to include the experience values (knowledge, unique attributes, education), contribution values (contributions to specific social, personal and civic causes and taxes)and core values (time, family, health, attitudes) all create a solid foundation of understanding from which to develop a holistic financial plan that meets all of our client’s needs.

We listen to our clients, and we mean “truly listen”…

To where you want to go with your life as discovered through the financial road map. We can help you make the right financial decisions through this process by asking “Does this decision bring you closer to meeting your ultimate objectives as defined in your financial road map or take you further away from it?”

When the time comes to focus on your financial assets, McGuire Financial employs a structured process of several meetings to develop your customized plan:

The initial meeting: We engage you in the Values Based conversation with one of our advisors, complete the Financial Road Map process, complete our client confidential profile, and schedule the next meeting.

The Values Based financial plan meeting: You will be introduced to our financial planning personnel and to our principles of integrated money management. We will share insights to our wealth building strategies that will provide the foundational components necessary to make the subtle changes needed to have a tremendous impact on your financial future. A Values Based conversation of your personal profile will identify the financial goals necessary to bring your future life style and make it a reality. We will also review and sign the firm’s letter of engagement and collect all additional client information and personal documentation.

Your vision…Next steps meeting: Our advisor will identify your key values and design a blueprint to ensure your future vision is realized. A comprehensive financial plan is created for you to achieve your unique goals and objectives in all areas of your life… your core values, assets, and financial milestones. This typically takes 3-4 weeks to prepare.

Wealth meeting: This one-to-two hour meeting will ensure you have a solid understanding of the necessary financial principles and money management concepts. We will present to you a complete and thorough review of the recommended strategies in building your Integrated Wealth Plan. Our team of professionals will be involved to identify and assist in bringing your personal needs and goals to life.

Review and implementation meeting: Once you have reviewed, studied, and contemplated our recommendations, we will address any remaining questions you have and make the necessary adjustments/refinements to your plan before developing an Action Checklist for the Strategic Implementation Launch.

Strategic implementation launch meeting: Once the Action plan is created and prepared for the official implementation, including all Investment, Insurance, debt management, and all re-positioning activities that our professional team has incorporated into your plan and checklist. Your Advisor will then guide you through the sequence and scheduling of meetings with your newly assembled team of professionals who will be working for you on your behalf. The Values Based Financial Plan is then officially set in motion.

Personal ongoing review: As Internal and external circumstances change for the client, a plan implemented today may not be appropriate one year later. It is important to have ongoing reviews, this is like the annual physical your doctor gives you. It ensures you are maximizing your financial health at all times. At McGuire Financial we have scheduled planning reviews at each anniversary date of your plan. We will meet to focus on the progress made during the previous year and ensure you are on track to meeting your goals as was set out in your action plan. We want to ensure we are maximizing your financial health at all times. It has been our experience that our clients are either right on track or ahead of their plan during these meetings. You will also receive annual account statements or billing notices from the applicable insurance carriers.

Three important questions we will be prepared to answer for you:

  1. What have we done to create Value for you?
  2. What makes us different and unique and why should you continue to do business with us?
  3. What do we intend or propose to do to create further value for you during the next year?


We expect our clients to be prepared and to respond to the following:

  1. Are you on schedule with the re-positioning of your assets?
  2. Are you on schedule with your proposed systematic savings and capital accumulation plan?
  3. Are there any changes in your core values or financial situation that would necessitate an adjustment in your financial plan.
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