Alberta Debt Consolidation

More than a Debt Consolidation Company in Alberta – We provide professional debt relief services including debt consolidation loans. We’ll help you get out of debt in the fastest and most affordable way possible. Find the right option with us to solve your Debt Consolidation Problems.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re under financial siege, attacked on all sides by creditors? Wouldn’t it be great if a knight in shining armor would come riding up to your castle and slay all those debt dragons?

Congratulations! You’ve just found the knight. And you’ve taken a huge step towards solving your financial problems. You’re one step closer to eliminating your fears of threatening letters in your mailbox, embarrassing and distressing phone calls, and plain old going broke.

And if you think you’re the only one who’s in a serious financial bind, you’re wrong! Hundreds of thousands of people are in the same position. But now you’re on your way to being debt-free.

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We’re a different kind of debt consolidator. Other companies basically lead you through bankruptcy. This takes time – and time can be your enemy when you’re trying to satisfy your creditors.

How are we different? First, we help you determine exactly what you owe and to whom. We identify your expenses and consider the best possible options to eliminate your debt. We tell you your options and your rights – yes, you have rights! Then, we work on your behalf to get the right solutions in place for you, so you can satisfy your debts with your creditors. We have found that, 95% of the time, creditors prefer to accept a proposal over time when they get a payment compared to a bankruptcy where they will likely get nothing!

Then, we work out a plan to get you debt-free and eliminate those creditor calls. You’ll be required to attend counseling sessions in money management skills that will keep you solvent well after your debts are satisfied. And we’ll work out an affordable payment plan for you over 36 – 60 months or less. That’s just 5 years or less to financial good health! It’s that simple.

And here’s a bonus – in the process, we help you regain your credit rating, which is the basis of your future financial picture. We’ll coach you on how to rebuild that credit rating and improve your credit score while you’re going through the repayment process – not after.

And we have a great track record. For more than 90% of our clients, we have prevented creditors from taking legal action. We take the pressure off you, give you peace of mind, remove liabilities, and save you a boatload of money in the process.

Don’t wait for those dragons to get any closer to your castle! We are ready to help you escape the financial dungeons and get back on the road to a debt-free future. Once you complete a brief pre-application one of our credit counselors will contact you to determine if we are truly the right people to help you and what programs you qualify for.


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