Debt Solutions Testimonials

  • “In 2004, my husband committed suicide and left him with all of his debt. Not to mention 5 children. Does that sound horrible?? What about a mortgage! I was a stay-at-home mother homeschooling and doing an online program, ​fastforward14 years later I was drowning in debt. What was I to do? Yet I took the 1st step in facing my financial crisis. I emailed McGuire and the rest is history do not judge one another just take the necessary steps in finding solutions. “  Constance N: August 02, 2018

  • “I have enjoyed all the services that I have been having with everyone here at McGuire Financial. Very friendly, easy to understand all documents going through, Will recommend to others.”   Evan D: July 19, 2018

  • “Hi my name is Anil Kumar, my debt is very high so I need to be sorting out all my debt someone told me to check out McGuire Debt Solution Company so I went there and spoke with Toni, she is a good counselling with me about my solutions and I am very happy right now to find some solutions, they are good at helping people and helping start a new future for me, I am 100% satisfied. Thank you to Toni and all the McGuire Team”   Anil K: April 26, 2018

  • “Being in debt is one of the most uncomfortable situations one can find himself in 2015 I found McGuire Financial online, in a quest to solve my Debt Problems, but never followed through with the program. In the next 2 years I doubled my debt. I went back to them and this time followed through with it. They have given me an option to start over again, assisted me in planning my budget and consolidating all previous debts. I can now pay off the debt with peace of mind and better equipped to handle my budget and finances thanks to their effort. If you are in my old shoes do give them a try and you will ever be grateful.”   Maureen U: April 26, 2018

  • “Everyone at McGuire Financial made everything super Easy for Me to understand and everyone was very kind and helpful with getting my debt resolved. I was very happy with the experience I have had here and would 100% recommend anyone to come here in the future!”    Sheila W: March 27, 2018

  • “My husband and I came home all stressed out. McGuire did help us a lot and save us. We got the best advice from here and everything is working out pretty good. Thanks to the wonderful people her in McGuire. Really fantastic Service!”   Srella K: March 1, 2018