R. Nelson Nash, the Godfather of the Infinite Banking Concept,

The developer of “Becoming Your Own Banker”, is appearing live in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada for an exclusive Agent only event.   And whether you’re an Agent from Canada or United States… You’re all invited!


And it may be your last opportunity to see Nelson live.  Don’t miss it.  Register now.


July 14-15, plus bonus afternoon July 15

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada         Limited Seating – 45

Before July 1            Early Bird Pricing                                           $300 (CAD)
After July 1                                                                                         $397 (CAD)

*Ultimate Sales and Conversion Day, July 15 (Afternoon)          $247 (CAD)
*Must be registered for the main event to attend bonus afternoon

Contact the Holiday Inn at 1.250.763.0500 and reserve your hotel room(s) now. We have a block of rooms for a special discounted rate of $169.00 (plus tax).  The hotel is located at 2429 Highway 97 North, Kelowna BC, V1X 4J2 and reserve your room.    Use this group link under the name Nelson Nash Event.    Click –  Nelson Nash Event

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  • You can read R. Nelson Nash’s books “Becoming Your Own Banker” or “Building Your Warehouse of Wealth” anytime.  You can stay home, in your office, and work on your insurance business.  Even though this may be your last opportunity to see R. Nelson Nash live at an Agent Only event, it is not the only way to discover how to make your insurance business soar by embracing the Infinite Banking Concept.
  • You can tap a mentor for advice anyway you want – phone, email, skype, or lunch.  You can struggle to find qualified prospects while your peers are networking with Top Producing Advisors at this event.
  • But here’s the “kick in the head”, as Dean Martin would say.  Here’s what we don’t want you to miss.
  • No where else – Not home, not behind your desk,  not in front of any electronic device – Can you experience big-time learning and create new relationships with some of the best top infinite banking insurance producers in the world.

No Where Else – Not Home, Not Behind Your Desk, Not In Front Of Any Electronic Device –

Can You Experience Big-Time Learning, Create New Relationships With Some Of The Best, Top Infinite Banking Insurance Producers in the World

And Most Life-Changing Of All:

Indulge In Elbow-to-Elbow Face-to-Face Round The Clock Light Bulb-Moment Exchanges With Dozens Of Like-Minded Insurance Advisors, Top IBC Producers Who Actually Want To Share Their Knowledge, Experience, Mistakes, And Successes With You.  Hear The Godfather Himself, R. Nelson Nash Educate You About The Transformational Process of Becoming Your Own Banker.

If there’s still a reason you’re not registering for this event right now, we can’t imagine it, because there’s not a lot in anyone’s life that could trump those last 10 lines.

Please sign up Now.  Don’t wait another day, or another hour.


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As Don Corleone tells his Godson in the movie The Godfather …   “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”

Ultimate Sales and Conversion Day – Friday July 15 (1:00 PM – 6:00 PM)

The Astonishing, Moneymaking Production Secrets Of Some Of The Most Successful, Most Knowledgeable and Most Respected Infinite Banking Advisors is just $247 making it the biggest no-brainer in the history of North America.

Featuring a line-up of Top Producing Speakers including Robert (Bob) Shiels, Author of “You Don’t Have to Die to Win”, Glen P. Zacher and Jayson C. Lowe, Co-Authors of “The Bankers’ Secret, A Simple Guide to Creating Personal Wealth for Canadians” … and More!

Your ability to educate prospects about the process of Becoming Your Own Banker and to close sales gives you a huge competitive advantage and the ultimate leverage.  Because, improving your ability to educate instantly increases your sales, your income and your bottom line profits … without increasing your marketing expense.  After learning at this sizzling afternoon of IBC sales secrets, you will be armed with strategies, techniques, and approaches you can take away and immediately use in your business to increase your production.

You Can Choose To Go Big (Stay for the afternoon July 15) or Go Home … And You Shouldn’t Go Home … If You Want To Electrify Your Sales

Sign up for the event TODAY!

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“There’s no such thing as having arrived in knowledge” – R. Nelson Nash

Highly successful Advisors never stop learning.  Are you highly successful?

Here’s a piece of good, optimistic, sunny disposition news.  About you – Yes you.  Whether this is your first time seeing R. Nelson Nash live, or your 100th time, there’s something new for You to learn at this event.  Nelson is going to focus his time on stage to helping You to either discover or re-examine your foundation of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept.  Top Producers are going to add incalculable value by sharing IBC sales secrets on the ultimate sales and conversion day.  Sounds great, right?  Will we see you there?

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other People”

If you see another Advisor achieving success with Becoming Your Own Banker that you admire and desire but say to yourself; I could never be like him or her – You don’t have to.  You need to understand his ideas, strategies, methods, and behavior, then meld much of it with yours.  You can be you, and prosper as an IBC Advisor but you’ve got to have a solid grasp of the process Nelson Nash developed and the ability to educate others.  The process is entirely different than the product (par dividend paying whole life).  They do go hand in hand.

One thing is certainly true; no insurance business can out-grow or out-perform its Advisor Owner(s).  You can and you must expand your mind.  The parameters of your thinking are the parameters within which your insurance business operates.  It doesn’t break through barriers and limits unless the individual at the helm (You) does.  Thus any Advisor who admits – or brags! – About “Being too Busy” to attend this event, to spend time learning from Nelson Nash, the developer of the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, and Top Producers, is short sighted … and  missing a life enhancing opportunity.

Do you know the difference between an Amateur and a Pro?

Being an Amateur has never interested any Top Producer.  If you’ve ever met or know someone who’s an amateur in one thing, they’re likely an amateur in all things.  The two big badges of an Amateur Infinite Banking Advisor, who claims to understand the process of Becoming Your Own Banker are: One; Lack of research, low production and no mentoring; Two; Lazy reliance on just reading Nelson Nash’s books and scouring the internet for articles and reports on the process.  As Nelson Nash says, “People reach absurd conclusions with limited information”.  Attend this event and You’ll be on a path to become a Pro!

First Be, then Get

Advisors who raise their level of experience and sophistication about the process of Becoming Your Own Banker tend to also, automatically raise their incomes.  This is about being in advance of getting or having.  Most poor and frustrated Insurance Advisors are always, endlessly trying it the other way around.

“Richer understanding precedes richer bank balances”

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As a practical matter, the biggest single difference between exceptionally successful IBC Insurance Advisors vs. the masses of their Peers is how good they are at finding and seizing every opportunity to become a better student of the process and being coachable.

The most certain way to get anything you want is to want what you get.  That’s not the same as settling, as surrendering.  We’re talking about the way you engineer the outcomes of everything you do.

Einstein said if he had to create a solution to a problem within one hour or die, he’d devote 55 minutes to figuring out the right question.

“How much of the banking function do you control as it relates to your needs?”

That’s something to think about, right?

Understand how vital it is for you to attend this event.  Pick up just one unexpected idea that is a revelation.  Something that will set you, and your insurance business in an entirely new and immensely more lucrative direction.   Attitude is unique.  Everything else can be taught, and most other things can be compelled and forced, by actual or metaphorical gunpoint.  R. Nelson Nash will provide extremely valuable and practical advice at this event, something he can explain and anyone (including you) can catch and embrace.  This is why skipping such a thing as this event is so short sighted.  At the event, there will be a lot being taught, but there is also much to be discovered and learned that can’t be taught … it must be caught.  Who you associate with, where you associate with them, and under what circumstances you associate with them, is just so important!

No other person has lifted the incomes of more Insurance Advisors and Transformed the lives of countless Clients across North America than R. Nelson Nash!

Nelson’s methods are famous, used by leading top producers across North America.  Rather obviously they work.  This is something you can do – and more importantly be – that most other Advisors can’t, and won’t ever match.  Register for the event TODAY!  Don’t wait another day or another hour and don’t disappoint the GodfatherSeating is limited to 45 and it will sell out at lightning speed!

Your assumptions are windows on the world.  Scrub them off so this light of Becoming Your Own Banker can come in.  The proverb is: “Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas”.  In order to be successful you need Mentors, Role/Business Models, a Peer Group who will be “allies in your new adventure”.  This is where the event will be immensely valuable to you.  There is no other comparable event for any and all licensed Insurance Advisors – for turning ordinary Insurance Advisors into extraordinary and extraordinarily profitable ones.    



Before July 1            Early Bird Pricing                                                 $300 (CAD)

After July 1                                                                                                $397 (CAD)

*Ultimate Sales and Conversion Day, July 15 (Afternoon)               $247 (CAD)   *Must be registered for the main event to attend bonus afternoon

This event is open to all life licensed Advisors Across Canada and the United States – This event is NOT open to the General Public

Contact the Holiday Inn at 1.250.763.0500 and reserve your hotel room(s) now. We have a block of rooms for a special discounted rate of $169.00 (plus tax).  The hotel is located at 2429 Highway 97 North, Kelowna BC, V1X 4J2 and reserve your room.    Use this group link under the name Nelson Nash Event.    Click –  Nelson Nash Event

You’ve got to hear some of these testimonials from attendees!

“Awesome! Great group to listen to. You guys are entertaining, You make it fun. It’s just enjoyable to sit and listen and to get involved. You have to do it … best day of my life! Everybody I know I will tell. It is life changing!”

“It was my pleasure to come to McGuire Group to learn Infinite Banking in their boot camp. I would recommend the McGuire Group because they have a group of people that understand this and they lay it out very simple. They have really done their homework in terms of understanding Nelson’s book and concepts.”

“I found everyone at McGuire to be really knowledgeable. I think that they really have our benefit at heart. They’re always looking out for what would work best for us. They have all the information that you need. I think it’s a lot of value at for anyone at any age to learn this. If you want to take control of your own finances, you have to take the time to learn about it.”

“If you can learn and implement the strategies that they touch on in here and speak with your McGuire Financial Advisor, and add it all into place and find a plan that works for you, basically you are going to be setting yourself, your children, and your loved ones up for the rest of their lives.”

“I was 54 when I found out about it and I didn’t think that I was too old or late. When people think that they’re too old, they’re really thinking about insurance rather than banking. The banker doesn’t come to you and say “How old are you”? All he wants to know is how much money you’re going to put in. The one question I would ask people is “Have you ever had too much money in the bank”? If the answer is no, I would tell them to get a policy.”

“Don’t hesitate, do it! Get on the course and do it as fast as you can because time is on your side. There are no drawbacks. Anybody coming here will be satisfied!”

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