Jason Lowe

From a small mining and forestry town to being awarded Top Overall Advisor by Canada’s Largest Mutual Life Carrier 2 years in a row, Jayson Lowe is a true Canadian success story! 

Jayson Lowe is an engaging Speaker, a premier Trainer and Coach, and Co-Author of the Canadian Best Selling Book “The Bankers’ Secret, A Simple Guide to Creating Personal Wealth for Canadians”. Jayson has delivered hundreds of presentations to the general public, appeared on countless stages and interviews. He is internationally recognized as one of the leading educators and implementers of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept. As Vice President of Insurance Development and Managing Partner of McGuire Financial, Jayson has accomplished much since first discovering The Infinite Banking Concept in 2008 with his Business Partner and Co-Author Glen P. Zacher.

Earlier in life, the unexpected loss of loved ones, a marital breakdown, and a crippling financial circumstance opened a door to a new life changing opportunity. You see, for more than 18 years Jayson Lowe served in a variety of leadership capacities for Staples Business Depot and Dell Inc., relocating to Western Canada and completing an international work assignment in Tampa, Florida. But while he had gained accolades and Leadership awards for rallying teams to consistently deliver best of breed results, he experienced first- hand at an early age, some of life’s most stressful events. Jayson’s Mom and Dad both passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Neither one of his Parents were life insured, placing a huge amount of stress and pressure on Family left behind. That was a painful experience and Jayson had to step up and be the patriarch of the Family. Shortly after the devastating loss of his Parents, Jayson’s first marriage dissolved and as a result, he was left on the brink of financial ruin.

Jayson’s Father used to say “Don’t ever be found guilty of giving up on yourself”. A tragic circumstance caused Jayson to re-examine where he wanted to go in life. A short time later, he came aboard with McGuire Financial, learning and working in the debt management line of business, eventually becoming a registered insolvency counselor. He also immersed himself in the books authored by R. Nelson Nash, “Becoming Your Own Banker and Building Your Warehouse of Wealth”. He began attending seminars, think tank symposiums, conferences, mastermind groups, and countless training sessions. And while forging a path to a better future, Jayson met Rebecca and his life changed. Jayson and Rebecca were later married, started a Family, have 4 beautiful Children under the age of 8, and now reside in Leduc, Alberta.

Jayson’s tragedy to triumph story is a testament to “the person you become 5 years from now is based on the books you read and the People you surround yourself with today”. As his knowledge grew, so did his willingness to take risks. And one day, he signed up to hike one of the world’s top hiking trails, the Pacific West Coast, a 75km 9 day journey that taught him both physical determination and mental perseverance.

After discovering “Becoming Your Own Banker” in 2008, Jayson quickly gained a reputation for being a formidable speaker and thought leader in the Infinite Banking Concept space. Undeterred by lack of awareness of this concept in the marketplace, he invested time and what money he could scrape together to mentor with the very best practitioners of this concept across North America. Since 2008, Jayson has helped hundreds of People, Families and Business Owners to permanently transform their financial futures by embracing the process of Becoming Your Own Banker. He’s also shared the stage with R. Nelson Nash, the Pioneer and Founder of “Becoming Your Own Banker” at his annual Think Tank Symposium where hundreds of Infinite Banking Practitioners from across North America attend.

He’s been featured and interviewed on the Corus Radio Network, 630 Ched’s Talk to the Experts, News talk 770, Success from Home Magazine, Equitable Life of Canada, to name just a few. Jayson is one of the Top 6 Producers in Canada with the Country’s largest Mutual Life Carrier. He’s been awarded as Top Western Region Sales Producer, 2012 & 2013, and the Top Overall Advisor across Canada for 2014, and 2015. Jayson is also a Court of the Table Member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, the most prestigious association of Financial Professionals in the world.

Jayson continues to work proudly alongside his Team mates, to evolve his business by educating the general public, in an entertaining boot camp format, to embrace the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept. And in this content-rich boot camp you will learn just exactly what level of Infinite Banking Concept master he is.

An important part of Jayson’s life is to give back. Especially dear to his heart are Children’s charities, and non-profit agencies providing food, shelter and spiritual care to others less fortunate. A big part of Jayson’s inspiration to be in the financial services industry comes from his late parents.

When he’s not working on building the business and serving Clients, Jayson loves to spend quality time with his wife Rebecca, their growing family and friends.