“Retirement” Ready Or Not – Webinar

A Webinar With a New Approach to Retirement

“Retirement Ready Or Not” is a New 90 min Webinar Hosted by: McGuire Financial

That Focuses On How to Retire In Style, While Still Maintaining Your Current Lifestyle

Our CEO & Founder is celebrating
20 years as a Certified Financial Planner,

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Your Attendance will Include:

  • A complementary personal, one-on-one financial planning consultation after the conclusion of the webinar. This is your opportunity to ask specific personal questions about your financial future.
  • Receive a FREE copy of the book “My Plan for Living to 156” – Best Selling Author: D Sullivan – a $25 Value – just pay the $5 shipping charge – Promo code given at end of presentation

What Will You Learn at the Retirement Ready Or Not Webinar?

It’s a Financial Game Changer

The Four Toughest Financial Questions that people will ever face.  Do you know the answer to these?…. would you like to?

Do you know what rate of return you will have to earn for you to be able to live in the future, like you live today, adjusted for inflation and have your money last to your life expectancy?

Do you know how much you should be saving each month or annually to make sure you will have enough set aside to live like you live today, adjusted for inflation?

Do you know how long you will have to work before you can retire and have your money last to your life expectancy?

Do you know how much you will have to reduce your standard of living if you don’t do something different to avoid running out of money before your life expectancy?

The 3 “D’s” of Tax Planning

The Tax man is always going to get paid.   Fortunately, there are legitimate strategies that can be used to minimize the taxes you pay.  Learn the 3 “D’s” of tax planning, Deduct, Divide and Defer.  And how to make it work precisely for you and your family.  What you need to know about how to get access to your money in the most tax efficient way.

We will look at some uniquely designed strategies, that are tax advantaged, so that Revenue Canada does not become your biggest beneficiary.  You will learn smart financial tips and strategies for retirement planning,

Create A Tax Free Retirement Paycheck

Retirement Ready or Not is a financial game changer that will focus not so much on where to put your money, but will help you to better understand strategies you can implement to keep more of your hard earned money, and pay less tax.  This seminar is everything families and business owners need to know about new and updated tax laws, who want a solid financial foundation.

Are you concerned about outliving your retirement nest egg?  You will be attending with other individuals, business owners and professional people all of whom are seeking a better and more stable financial situation.

It’s smart money management training to help Canadians build wealth no matter what the individual circumstances or state of the economy. Does that make it recession proof? You Bet!

What People are Saying

“It’s been a great educational experience being at the boot camps. In fact, I’ve been at two of them now. It’s a really great investment of your time. The thing I love about it is there is no pressure. Come to one of the boot camps. That’s probably one of the best things you can do. You’ll have someone there to answer your questions first-hand. I would really advice that it’s worth the investment of time.”

Bruce Bowie, Morning News Host 630 AM CHED

“I am so impressed with these folks, they have the best grasp of this of anybody I know, and I meet people all over the world who teach this message.”

R. Nelson Nash, Best Selling Author of “Becoming Your Own Banker.”

Retirement Helper was a very informative, highlights type of seminar, with many good points raised & addressed before making any retirement decisions, & retirement planning. I highly recommend it. Valuable information delivered in easy to digest way. I liked the examples, illustrations & comparisons of different case scenarios.

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Listen to what past Bootcamp Participants had to say…

“Awesome! Great group to listen to. You guys are entertaining, you make it fun. It’s just enjoyable to sit and listen and to get involved. You have to do it … best day of my life! Everybody I know I will tell. It is life changing!”

“It was my pleasure to come to McGuire Group to learn Infinite Banking in their boot camp. I would recommend the McGuire Group because they have a group of people that understand this and they lay it out very simple. They have really done their homework in terms of understanding Nelson’s book and concepts.”

“I found everyone at McGuire to be really knowledgeable. I think that they really have our benefit at heart. They’re always looking out for what would work best for us. They have all the information that you need. I think it’s a lot of value for anyone at any age to learn this. If you want to take control of your own finances, you have to take the time to learn about it.”

There are multiple upcoming seminars in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.

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Glen P. Zacher, CFP

Glen P. Zacher, CFP, is the owner & CEO of McGuire Financial Group. He has worked closely with families, professionals and business owners across Canada for over 25+ years. Prior to founding McGuire Financial in 2004, he was an investment banker at one of the big six banks in Canada where he worked with high net worth clients providing financial advice and creating wealth. Glen has strategically developed a strong relationship with Accountants, Lawyers and associates to benefit his clients directly.

Glen is recognized internationally as one of the leading implementers and educators of “The Bankers’ Secret’ – Becoming Your Own Banker (The Infinite Banking Concept). At McGuire Financial, Glen’s passion is working with business owners, families, and professionals to design and implement “The Bankers’ Secret”, empowering them to Become Their Own Banker. He accomplishes this by empowers his clients through education to create a lifetime of wealth.

In addition to financial and retirement consulting, Glen is an international author, entrepreneur, and business coach. Glen speaks on his radio show 630 Ched Talk to the Experts, Alberta’s #1 talk show on Becoming Your Own Banker®. He has been heard on radio in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Toronto. Glen has been featured on live interviews with Equitable Life and several Radio Stations: Corus Radio Network, 630Ched, NewsTalk 770, Shine105.9, AM1150, TheBear, 640AMGlobalNews, TSN1260AM… Glen regularly appears as a speaker for “The Wealthy Entrepreneur” seminar for Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists & Business Owners and well as “Taxes and Retirement”, Banking Secrets Conference, Ultimate Wealth Day & Bootcamps.

But as much as he’s accomplished since launching McGuire Financial back in 2004, Glen’s drive towards success was not always a straight path. He started his business ventures at the early age of 21, by opening a food kiosk in the world’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall. Although he got off to a great start, Glen found that competing businesses in the mall copied his homemade soup & sandwich business model, despite being contrary to his leasing agreement.

Almost immediately Glen’s sales started to decline and he had to sell despite losing everything he had invested, leaving him with a huge debt of over $75K. He had to sell his prized 1986 corvette, and take on 2 jobs to get out from under it all. While it took two years to accomplish this, it also taught him some valuable business lessons. He then took it upon himself to start learning from some new mentors such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and T. Harv Eker.

Glen went on to open other businesses in the hospitality industry and worked in 5 star hotels and restaurants, eventually becoming a certified chef du cuisine. Since then Glen taught himself about how money works and discovered “it’s not about how much you make its how much you keep”. In 1996, he started his professional career in the financial industry and has helped thousands of people eliminate debt and create financial stability.

He is recognized as one of Canada’s top Advisor at several different financial organizations. Glen believes that it’s the organization that has the best value for his client that he wants his client involved with and never limiting himself or his clients to only one organization. While these accomplishments are wonderful, Glen first focus is on What is Right for the client. Glen has been a Certified Financial Planner since 2000 and is a member in good standing with the FPSC. He is recognized internationally as one of the top Certified Infinite Banking Practitioners in North America with the Nelson Nash Infinite Banking Institute. Glen is a member of the Top of the Table, the Highly Respected Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

Glen’s favorite charities all go back to the community: Habitat For Humanity, Hope Mission, 630Ched Santa Anonymous………