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The Bankers' Secret - A Simple Guide To
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       Adopt a new financial strategy that the top 10% of richest Canadians use. The Bankers’ Secret is, based on the Infinite Banking Concept, the ultimate financial strategy that gives you total control over your wealth and finances, leaving out third party services provided by banks and brokers.

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​Chapter 1 - The Flow and Control of Your Money
Chapter 2 - The Ultimate Financial Solution
Chapter 3 - Three Financial Myths That Destroy Your Future
Chapter 4 - The Supreme Financing Vehicle
Chapter 5 - "Behind the Scenes" - How The Banks Work?
Chapter 6 - Infinite Banking In Action
Chapter 7 - Policy Loans - You Are The Bank
Chapter 8 - Send Your Kids To College and Grow Your Money
Chapter 9 - Eliminate The Canada Revenue Agency
Chapter 10 - Conquer Bay St Without The Risk
Chapter 11 - Infinite Banking For Business Owners
Chapter 12 - What is Your Best Before Date?
Chapter 13 - How Do I Get Started?
BONUS Chapters - Intro & Quiz
BONUS Chapter 1 - FAQ about the Infinite Banking Concept
BONUS Chapter 2 - Top 15 Things You Need To Know About Infinite Banking
BONUS Chapter 3 - R. Nelson Nash, the Creator of the Infinite Banking Concept, talks about the authors Glen and Jayson


Glen P. Zacher 

CFP - Founder & CEO

Glen P. Zacher is the CEO and founder of McGuire Financial Inc.   Glen is a recognized speaker and talk show celebrity, and has spoken to thousands of people at seminars, bootcamps and educational events. He has been delivering financial educational material to the public and is also a financial coach and trainer, with over 20 years of experience. He is also a recognized leader in educating people in North America on Becoming Your Own Banker. Glen empowers his clients through education and coaching, so that they can begin the process of creating a lifetime of wealth. Glen is the Co-Author of the best selling book “The Bankers’ Secret” and also speaks regularly on Alberta’s #1 talk radio show “Talk to the Experts” on how to be “The Banker in your life”.