Webinar Reveals Top Wealth Creation Secrets Outside Traditional Banking System, specifically for Canadians

Get Instant Access to this highly requested webinar recording based on the best selling book "The Bankers Secret - A Simple Guide to Personal Wealth for Canadian

In this webinar recording you'll discover a new financial strategy that the top 10% of richest Canadians use. The Bankers’ Secret is based on the Infinite Banking Concept, the Ultimate Financial Strategy that gives you total control over your wealth and finances, leaving out third party services provided by banks and brokers.

What You'll Learn On this Webinar:

  1. The major benefits of this little known and under-utilized investment strategy that can help you create your own pool of wealth that you can draw from at any point in time!
  2. How to safeguard your savings from market volatility!
  3. If you are getting the most out of your retirement plan or if you're stuck in one of those “traditional” investment paths.
Moderated by Jayson Lowe

Co-Author of "The Bankers' Secret"