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At McGuire Financial, since 1996, we have been offering you a wide array of financial services, ranging from financial planning, debt elimination strategies, estate planning and much more.  For Business Owners, Professionals, Families and Young Entrepreneurs.  Take a look at the areas of service offered below, or feel free to call us right now at:

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Financial Planning

Whether you are a Business Owner, Professional, Career Worker or Family – planning for your financial future is a very important step to achieving your life goals and retirement objectives. The sooner you start, the earlier you’ll be able to live those dreams and “Retire as you were meant too”.  Let our Certified Financial Planners help you get started today.


Retirement Planning – As you were Meant too:

Our specialty is rooted in helping folks to improve their current financial position, preferably without impacting their current lifestyle.  Our clients can often solve the issues uncovered in the Four Toughest Financial questions you will ever face, by focusing first on dollars one could be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily without taking on additional financial risk.  Starting to plan for retirement begins now.  Whether you are 30, 40 or close to retirement, its imperative that you start today.


Wealth Planning

McGuire Financial Inc. offers a unique and valuable service to our clients.  We provide a comprehensive personal approach to your financial planning to ensure that we are on track with your positive results that help bring your dreams to life.

Our financial planning team provides you with strategies for financial, estate, business succession, tax and philanthropic planning, along with a range of wealth management consulting services.


Debt Strategy – Secrets of a Wealth Creator

Let’s face it, we all buy things. It’s not necessarily what we buy, but rather the way we choose to pay for them that can have a lasting impact on our financial well being. Especially those things we call Major Capital Purchases. These are things that cannot be paid for in full with our regular monthly cash flow.

Certainly things like cars, vacations, weddings are major but even a new set of tires for many Canadians could be a major capital purchase as well. If you can’t pay for it in full you are going to have to finance it.


Insurance Wants and Needs

Life Insurance is a “want” product, rather than a “need” product.  In fact, it is the only product that will Guarantee that what you “Want” to happen in the event you are not here will happen.

There is a minimum amount one can pay for any given amount of coverage, and there is also a maximum amount one can pay for that same amount of coverage.  The minimum premium is determined by the Insurance company, and the maximum premium is determined by the government.  Why is this?  Did you know that in the 80’s and again in 2017 the government limited just how much money one could put into a life insurance contract.


Dividend Paying PAR Policies

A PAR policy is like squirreling away money day after day, year after year. When you finally reach retirement age, you won’t believe how much your PAR policy has grown too. This will allow you to retire in the style you were meant too, not to mention the tax savings that you’ll benefit from each and every year.  The benefits of a PAR policy far exceed the expectations of any insurance instrument.  Not only is this great for retirement planning, but also for everyday large purchases, and especially useful (when constructed properly) for business.


Health Spending Accounts

We combine the flexibility of a Health Spending Account with traditional catastrophic coverage (pooled) to give employees flexible options – the only limit on spending is the amount available in their account. You don’t have to pay premiums for services they won’t use and you decide how much you want to contribute – you control the budget. If they don’t use it, the funds carry forward for their future expenses – 100% value.



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