Our Philosophy

The McGuire Companies are unlike most of the financial advisory firms in the market place. Most want to make managing your financial assets their top priority by selling you mutual funds and stocks. Many make this their focus not yours and hence call themselves Financial Advisors or Asset Management Firms. McGuire Financial Group is a holistic Financial, Investment, Insurance, Debt Management & Mortgage firm that optimizes a process for our clients. We take our clients through a Values Based Planning process to help us understand what our clients really need and want.

First, we know that it is your Financial assets that make your life style possible and give you the life style you have always dreamed about, yet so many financial firms concentrate on growing your financial assets and they try and match your current assets to your goals. McGuire Financial believes in understanding what your core values are which is more meaningful to you in developing your financial plan. Our philosophical foundation for our firms wealth management comes from our “We provide financial security… no matter what happens in an uncertain environment” system by Glen P. Zacher, CFP, wealth expert and founder of McGuire Financial Inc.

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Second, many financial advisory firms address the immediate needs of their clients, “Sell Something”. At McGuire Financial our Advisors and our Values based philosophy allows us to consider the entire family and sometimes extended family needs must also be considered in creating the best possible solution. Without proper planning a person may spend vasts amount of their wealth or their capital may have eroded in a very short period of time leaving them a short fall for the remainder of their life.

We expand on the scope of your needs and engage to include all of your assets for your entire family. McGuire Financial distinguishes itself from other financial advisory firms that typically take a very limited approach and deliver limited results.

It is our goal to get our clients to think about what is important to them about money to help them get to the things they value most in life. Once your essential values have been discovered and identified we can then begin to map out a blueprint to incorporate all of your essential assets with your financial assets that can work together and harmonize with your ideal lifestyle. We position you to be in the drivers seat so you are well on your way in your journey to begin living your ultimate life now, and not at some long distant point in the future.

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