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March 20, 2021

Join Glen Zacher, CFP as he hosts Dwayne Burnell, MBA

Dwayne is an author of a number of books on finance, Financial Peace of Mind and Financial Independence.  He had a great answer when we asked him why businesses and professionals would be interested in this process.

I’m glad you asked that question.  The biggest issue with business owners is cash flow and access to cash. And when you need cash in a business, that’s typically when the banks won’t give it to you because there’s, you know, cash flow unbalanced or whatnot.  By creating your own pool of money in this insurance product, you will get control of your banking process for the business.  So you can use the money over and over and over again, without taxation and commissions and so forth. So it’s critically important to take control of the banking process

My background is in the corporate industry with an MBA.  I have been in corporate and personal consulting for the quite a few years now and have written 2 books.

Dwayne Burnell, MBA – Author: Independence in the 21st Century & Financial Peace of Mind


March 20, 2021

Join Glen Zacher, CFP and his guest R. Nelson Nash – Becoming Your own Banker and Building your warehouse of Wealth 

 Mr. Nash is going to be in Edmonton. It’ll be the first time he’s been in Canada. This was recorded back in 2013, when Nelson made his debut in Canada.  Glen Zacher and McGuire Financial team – invited Nelson to speak at our 2013 SuperConference, in Edmonton Alberta.  

 It all has to do with the way that they think. And that is explained very deeply in my second book, building up the wealth that people just don’t take. And they have been led down a primrose path by bankers into the entire world is in the worst condition financially that it’s ever been. And it is because the banking function has been taken over by bankers. Those international bankers inflate the money supply. People think they have something, and they don’t, it’s all an illusion. So, a life insurance company cannot inflate. And so, you have got to store your wealth somewhere. And the best place to store it is with free contract with other free people.  

 Why is that? How does that work?  You got to think long range. Leslie, it took me 13 years to get rid of the bankers. slow process, but my wife and I have not seen a bank, except for the convenience of a checking account in 19 years. And this is a very peaceful, stress free way of life compared to the way most folks live. 

 Government programs of any kind really don’t make a whole lot of sense. Because in the US, the 401K’s etc, are a function of the IRS code. Well, look, the IRS code in the US has only been around for nine, nine years and eight months. Now, when government creates a problem, allegedly, parenthesis on IRS taxation, right, and then turned around and grant you an exception to the problem. They created parenthesis any tax qualified plan, right? Aren’t you just a little bit suspicious? You are being manipulated? Yes. All right. 


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