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In most parts of the world, people simply ate, but the French, they dined. The basic notion of a restaurant, where diners sit down and are presented with a menu of dishes, was influenced by the French in the 18th century. In fact, you might be surprised to find many modern dishes were influenced by French cuisine — it was the foundation for dishes and flavor combinations we know today.

As a certified Chef de Cuisine® with 23 years of experience in the restaurant industry, my own cooking was heavily influenced by these basics (which is why I still enjoy cooking French cuisine today). Without the foundation, the act of just eating could never transform into the five-star dining experiences available today. You could say the same thing about financial advising.

When I first pursued financial services professionally, I was but a student. I had a passion for money — or rather, a passion for studying it and understanding how it works. I managed my own money and my family’s money well before spending some years in private financial practices and banks. That was my financial foundation.

Working in a bank, helping people invest their money and acquire loans and lines of credit further convinced me that I needed to be more than a student of finances. So I became a Certified Financial Planner in 2000 (in addition to other accolades and achievements) and opened McGuire Financial Group in 2005. I came to the financial planning marketplace with a realistic platform of offering my clients expertise in investments, insurance products, debt management, and the hallmark of our practice, the Infinite Banking Concept® (The Bankers’ Secret™).

All together, each branch of our financial service satisfies my overall passion for helping people achieve their financial dreams, the same way French cuisine satisfies my passion for cooking. With an understanding of flavors and ingredients, I can create amazing dishes. With an understanding of money and knowledge in banking, I’ve taught my clients how to take control and be their own banker to create the amazing life they always wanted.

And I don’t just teach the principles of living a fulfilled life. I live them too! I enjoy fishing and camping when the weather is right, and a round of golf now and then. I value the time I spend with my family. We spend as much time as we can in sunny Kelowna, British Columbia, touring wineries and otherwise savoring every day.

At home or in the office, I’m in the people business. Still a student at heart, I relish the opportunities I have to meet with clients and speak to them about their experiences and dreams. This newsletter and blog, itself is an extension of my desire to engage and communicate, and compliments my in-person meetings like sauce compliments an entree.

To health and happiness,

– Glen P. Zacher, CFP CCC

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