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After decades of working days, nights, and weekends, you would think you saved enough to retire comfortably. But the reality of the situation is all too dark. Working hard all your life won’t guarantee a comfortable retirement or a legacy to leave behind. But what if you could regain control of your financial future? With the The Bankers’ Secret™ – based on The Infinite Banking Concept®, you can live well now and in retirement with a tax-advantaged program.

The Bankers’ Secret™ – based on: Becoming Your Own Banker – The Infinite Banking Concept® starts with a whole life insurance policy that guarantees
a predictable cash value every year.

Because this policy is a contract, that cash value will never change, no matter what happens in the financial market. With the dividends from your policy, you can finance your car and your home, contribute to a college fund, reduce your debt and grow a legacy without incurring interest fees from a bank. Because YOU are the bank!

The Bankers’ Secret™ – based on The Infinite Banking Concept® is an invaluable strategy that’s not only sustainable, but also grants the freedom and financial stability you wish you had when you were working full time. Implementing the concept leaves more for your family than a financial legacy, but a legacy of financial responsibility that leads by example.

Take the first step to achieving your short- and long-term goals. Log on to to discover more about the life-changing Infinite Banking Concept – The Bankers’ Secret™


“The thing that shocked me most about this program was where my money is really going. I never realized just how much money was going where. This
definitely changed my life as a home business owner and mother of three. This program has set me up with the information I need to make more
informed decisions about finances and how to set things up for my family and kids.”
Candace von Stryland

“[The Infinite Banking Concept®] has opened my eyes to so many options that can be used with your own banking system. This has helped me to create
a family banking system plan. Thank you, McGuire Financial!”
Melany Newsham

“… It isn’t as important when you start as it is to start. Just do it! It will not only be something that you can do for yourself, but you can do this for your
family, their families, etc. True Infinite Banking — it allows and gives you flexibility and peace of mind. I will be recommending it to my kids and others as
well. Thanks for teaching us more about how our money can work either for someone else or for yourself — whatever you choose.”
Sharon Klassen

“Without proper and effective financial planning, it’s amazing to look back and realize how much of a person’s hard-earned income has been effectively
used to purchase vehicles, borrow from banks, etc. The Infinite Banking Concept® helps you — the earner, the controller — manage where you put your
invested money, with a full life plan for your personal life insurance. Now at 41 years old, I fully want to get on board to secure my future. Thank you for
this opportunity.”
Craig Pritchard

“This was not available when I was younger to establish my financial security — sure want to educate others on this INFINITE Banking Concept®, so
they can learn the benefits of future planning to help cover the demands of life’s challenges. Thank you for your time and knowledge.”
Mary Quennell

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