Accomplishments Await Us – How we’re going to make 2021 our best year

As a business owner, I don’t find it hard to stay motivated for the new year. At McGuire Financial, we’re committed to growth and pursuing the opportunities that come with that growth. So, the new year is something we all look forward to. We got together to plan 2021 several months ago, and now that [...]

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3 Tricks to Riches – How to save money while living the good life

With summer just behind us and Christmas right around the corner, this time of year leaves many families struggling to build their bank accounts. Make sure you are prepared for whatever expenses your family may encounter this year by following these simple tips for saving money. Lose the old-fashioned bank account. Most of us grew [...]

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What to Ask the Person in the Mirror

Some people mistakenly believe inquiry is a sign of weakness when, in fact, it is a critical practice for both individuals and organizations. In his book 'What to Ask the Person in the Mirror' Robert Kaplan, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School, shatters the notion that good leaders never ask questions, and highlights [...]

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The Bankers’ Secret™ Endless Advantages, Infinite Solutions

After decades of working days, nights, and weekends, you would think you saved enough to retire comfortably. But the reality of the situation is all too dark. Working hard all your life won’t guarantee a comfortable retirement or a legacy to leave behind. But what if you could regain control of your financial future? With [...]

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What Einstein Has To Teach You About Time Management

A wonderful Albert Einstein quote illustrates the “relativity” of time passing thusly: “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.” And you know what? In describing real time, he’s absolutely right! [...]

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How to Maximize Your Cross-Channel Marketing Efforts

There are more ways than ever to collect information from consumers and reach out to them, including both online and offline touchpoints. While this presents a golden opportunity for businesses today, it also represents a pretty significant challenge. A survey by marketing firm Signal concluded that only a tiny fraction of companies have a single [...]

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For the Love of Relationships – Strengthening ties in Business and in life

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Whether you are the romantic type or prefer the subtler methods of showing your love, relationships matter a whole lot more than you might realize. The stronger a relationship, the more support and security you’ll find. Building stronger relationships of all kinds is one of the most important skills a person [...]

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Infinite Banking Concept Press Release August 2016

McGuire Financial's Bankers' Secret bootcamps teach the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) processCertified and knowledgeable advisors lead the bootcamps, which help kickstart the teaching process of how the IBC works. Edmonton, AB August 12, 2016 (McGuire Financial Group): As authors of "The Bankers' Secret," Glen Zacher and Jayson Lowe, certified Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) advisors, strive to share their [...]

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