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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Whether you are the romantic type or prefer the subtler methods of showing your love, relationships matter a whole lot more than you might realize. The stronger a relationship, the more support and security you’ll find. Building stronger relationships of all kinds is one of the most important skills a person can have.

In this industry, relationships are really the cornerstone of everything we do. We take pride in our ability to maintain strong relationships with our clients. Of course, our firm strives for excellent service, and part of that is taking care of our clients’ needs and making sure their overall experience is the best it can be. Through every meeting and every review, we want to keep our clients happy.

Communication and caring are vital for building trust and staying connected to the people we work with. Whether it’s remembering a birthday or recognizing a big life milestone, relationships are often empowered by just being there and keeping those lines of communication open. To show we care, we are always working to stay in touch with the people we serve, and to champion their goals. During our client’s reviews, we look at their banking system and help them out by providing useful tools. The Infinite Banking System is one tool we use that can help each client grow their financial standing and shield savings.

We want them to use the tools we provide to do everything from buy a car to recapture debt. In other words, we assist our clients in achieving whatever
they are trying to achieve.

Celebrating the accomplishments of the people in your life is another piece of relationship advice I’ve put into practice in my business. We guide our clients to be their own bankers. We ensure that they’re on board, and that they follow the entire planning process. We find that people are much more engaged and feel more accomplished this way, and then we can celebrate with them when they reach their goals.

However, you observe this romantic month, I encourage you to give all of your relationships another glance. Communicate, listen, and celebrate the
accomplishments of the people you hold dear and those you do business with.

– Glen P. Zacher, CFP CCC

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